How to stay productive working in front of the screen?

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July 28, 2021

Deteriorating eyesight is called the epidemic of our time. Every second adult wears glasses, every fourth has vision problems. These numbers are constantly increasing. Ophthalmologists alert that nearly 90 percent. patients working in front of the computer more than three hours a day have eye problems.

The most common ailments related to the eyes of people working long hours in front of a computer screen include: computer vision syndrome (CSV), dry eye syndrome, premature presbyopia and decreased sense of contrast.

Computer vision syndrome is characterized by dry, burning and painful eyes as well as blurred vision. Some people experience double vision, irritation and redness of the eyes. Problems with sleep and concentration have become a huge and growing problem resulting from the prolonged time spent in front of the monitor, and thus disturbances in melatonin secretion by our brain. Our productivity lovers. We are getting nervous easily.

How to help yourself stay in good condition when you work at the computer for more than 5 hours a day?

• Take short, regular breaks of several minutes (5 minutes every hour).

• Spend as much time as possible outdoors.

• Monitor the air humidity in the room where you work.

• Make sure your body is properly hydrated.

• Enrich your diet with foods rich in natural antioxidants.

• Turn the display settings to night mode (or inverted color mode).

• Work in glasses designed for work at the computer.

• Make regular breaks from working at the monitor.

• Use computer glasses. Computer glasses from mGeek are the first equipped with natural melanin molded lenses so they filter the blue light intelligently with the highest degree. You can wear them all day without side effects.

Millions of people around the world spend 5-8 or even more hours a day at the monitors. If we do not take care of the hygiene of such activeness, eye diseases will soon become the most common occupational disease of the monitor era. Let’s care of ourselves.

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