mGeek Technology

mGeek was designed to offer the best optical parameters and the highest protection from the disrupting blue light.

The world’s first technology! MELANIN MAX PROTECT lenses moulded from melanin not just covered with less effective filters give you the highest parameters of:

  • filtering out harmful, high energy light from computers, electronics & the sun
  • improving reading comfort
  • preserving colour
  • providing the viewer with increased contrast in vision
  • immediately relaxing the eyes for more comfort
  • eliminating eye strain
  • eliminating squinting
  • improving night driving
  • reducing the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration

So what is the reason to buy past tech blue light lenses if mGeek is already there?

Did you know that standard lenses are placed in ovens for hours, then submersed in heated caustic chemicals (PH 3-14). The industry claims this is cleaning the lens or opening the pores in the plastic but in reality, they are reducing life of the material by at least 50%. The impact resistance of such product is dramatically reduced. Some unsuspecting Doctor sells a patient lenses because he wants safety.

Don't Game with your eyes, bro'—there's only one real blocker!

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